The Blue Platter

I’ve been on hiatus writing about our entertaining adventures for a while, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been entertaining! It’s one of my greatest joys to share our home with family and friends. We have now moved into a season where there’s lots of outdoor entertaining at our house, so I’ll share some of the things we’ve done lately.


To begin is an indoor dinner for friends from DC who came to visit for a long weekend back in March – way too cold to stay outside for more than appetizers at that time of year. We had a great time immersing them in East Tennessee and our family chef, married to our oldest son’s sister-in-law, fixed dinner. The relationship might seem a bit stretched to some folks, but to us our family has grown exponentially.

Dinner was simple, but the most awesome thing about it was the salad – so indulge me a bit as I ooo & ah over it again:

The day started with a trip to our local winter farmers market – always great fun to see the people who have attended, visit with the local farmers and come home with some tasty tiny sweet potatoes, salad greens and fresh eggs.

IMG_2923 IMG_2921

Moscow mules accompany fontina fondue – yes, that’s our granddaughter’s play house in the background and the plastic bowl where the two grands and their cousin ‘cook’ pea gravel muffins.


The potatoes are baked, eggs poached, then Chef Pete and son Brian attend to building the salads:

IMG_2946 IMG_2951 IMG_2948 IMG_2947

Words cannot describe the deliciousness of the salad topped with sweet potato slices, a poached egg and the most yummy sweet potato balsamic dressing I’ve ever put in my mouth. Do you remember the scene in the movie Chocolat where everyone was eating at the birthday dinner and all were in a state of nirvana tasting the delicious and decadent food? That’s what was happening to me when I ate this salad. Is there a recipe? No.

Chef Pete is the master at using what is available and combining it all into total excellence. I hope he will do it for us again!

Added to the delicious salad was shrimp and veggie risotto – which unknown to Pete – catered to the desires of one of our guests who is an Italian cook par excellance!


Hubby Bill made it all so special with flowers on the table and outside. All in all – a grand time was had by all.