Pillows and Puppies

There’s a song from A Chorus Line – “I Can Do That”.  It keeps popping up in my head every time I see a crafty item I like.  It’s more a question for me first, then a statement.   While exploring a local retailer I saw some pillows with dogs, rabbits, pheasants and miscellaneous other animals done in an applique/machine quilting style.  I loved them.  They were more than $200.00 each and overall dark in color.  I looked at them, walked away, came back to them, studied them carefully, then took photos.  I Can Do That.

My mother, my Aunt and my maternal Grandmother all sewed.  It’s a strong tradition, skill, art, in our family.  I took Home Ec classes in high school and I learned from the masters (my family).  I always had custom made and custom designed clothing that was gorgeous.  I lust after a couple of college age party outfits my mother made.  One was a soft grey crushed velvet palazzo pants and jacket with a silk low cut white blouse to go with it.  Circa 1970 – and it would be perfect for today’s styles.  Another was a sheer peasant blouse in cream color and pale pink palazzo jumpsuit with  suspenders and glittering embroidery at the hem.  Oh well – those were the days.

I tried my hand at making clothing early on and quickly abandoned it after I realized the special skills needed.  Moving on to more practical projects, I made curtains for our first house – over and over again.  Re-decorating, re-decorating, re-decorating.  Just can’t stop that creative flow.  Then I moved on to pillows for the couch and chairs. and beds.

Fast forward to 2016 and the puppies.  Here’s my own artistic version of what I found in the store -which were shared with family for Christmas.  And of course, Bill and I had first choice of two to keep at home!


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