Declutter – It’s the Hot Topic!




Home Sweet Home

I’ve been in a de-cluttering mode for at least two years and my commitment to simplifying life is escalating to an almost fever pitch (well, not quite that high).  I’m a baby boomer who has already gone through the stage of being an empty nester and am enjoying the extra space and quiet.  It’s wonderful for my sons and their families and friends to gather here at our house – and then go home!

I started my de-clutter journey by reading The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo.  I had already been on a path for many years of donating ‘stuff’ I didn’t use to our local Junior League fundraiser.  It was an annual requirement more than 20 years ago and it got me in the habit of getting rid of things I didn’t often use.  Marie Kondo’s book took me to the next level.  I purged all kinds of clothing and ‘things’ that fit into the category of  “if something in your life doesn’t make you happy – let go of it”.  At the same time I observed a dear friend go through letting go of her dearly departed Mother’s ‘things’ – things the daughter would NEVER use, but yet she was holding on to the memory through inanimate objects.  I couldn’t help her, but her process sure helped me!


After reading several blogs I’ve decided to use 3 stacks:

  1. Love it – use it – got to keep it
  2. Purgatory – maybe if I lose weight I’ll wear it, or repair it, or I use it one time a year and it’s maybe needed at that time.
  3. Out the door! Once a year is not enough to take up space, someone else needs it, it’s so well-used and loved that no one will use it, not even me!

The #2 Purgatory will last no more than one month before I make a decision of whether it goes to the #1 Love it category or the #3 Out the door category.  You might have noticed I’m a process driven person.  So be it.  In all things I have to have a plan!

I just started following the blog of friends Joe & Helen Bruner called Easin’ Along.  You’ll find it at  I love their process of deciding how they want to live the retirement days of their lives.  I noticed it took a while for the Bruner’s to make the decision and to make the changes.  Husband Bill, shared a story about a friend not wanting to leave ‘his church’ even though they are in the process of splitting philosophies.  His response to the friend?  The ‘building’ is not your church.  Your church is the people.

This prompted me to open the doors to our own conversation about ‘home’.  What is ‘home’?  A place, an environment, the people?  All three?  Maybe.  So, Bill and I are starting to have the conversation about how we want to live and what we want to do over the next 20 or 30 years (if we are lucky).  Starting the conversation is step #1.  Wish us luck!


7 thoughts on “Declutter – It’s the Hot Topic!

  1. Yes, cathartic is the right word! It’s a conversation that hopefully puts us all on the same page. Good luck with your decluttering. My comment to Bill? If we don’t do it, one day our kids will.


  2. Looking at my parents home they moved 4 years ago from our family home of 50 years but still have a shed AND a storage area off site that is full! I need to start moving them forward once again (along with us). Maybe if we do it together and can tell each other what we have done. Unfortunately they are 12 hours away from us.

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