Blue Platter – More than food

2018 is a new start for many of us, and luckily, a new start for me.  In thinking about previous posts from The Blue Platter I’ve noticed many of you have liked my recipes.  So, the 2018 focus for The Blue Platter will be on my favorite recipes and their stories. And yes, The Blue Platter will be more than food.  Many times it will be about my various creative pursuits.

Here’s a recipe for New Year’s Day I’ve used for many years.  You’ll see from the photo of the cookbook that it’s a ‘well-loved’ one.  Sadly, out of print, I’ll share my favorites with you as the year goes on.

Tradition at our house is to have Hoppin’ John (black eye peas) on New Year’s Day, with something green. We always plan for a more productive year and eat lots of black eye peas to insure success – yes, superstition and old traditions remain in our household! I don’t go the full traditional route of turnip greens and all that – anything green will work.  Most of the time we do a spinach or kale salad.  Here’s your photos and recipe for the day – enjoy!

Recipe edit:  I save the bone (and ham that’s attached) from Thanksgiving or Christmas (frozen), then thaw it out and use it in place of salt pork or hog jowl.  We generally do a honey glazed ham which adds a nice sweet flavor to the peas.  Save the seasonings for last instead of cooking with – I’ve found the peas are softer that way!





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