Winter is Coming – Yea!

Not everyone loves winter.  I’m really sorry for the ones who have to tolerate months and months of horrible cold, ice and snow that never shows the green earth.  Us southerners are lucky.  Most of the time we get just enough of winter to give us a tasty bite, then we are on to spring, hot humid summer, then fall and the cycle starts all over again.

My grandmother always used to say spider webs built high off the ground were a sign of a bad winter to come.  According to her, the spiders were building himg_6181igh in order to avoid the cold snowy ground.  If this is true, we are in for a whopper.  This photo is on the back side of our house and sweet lady spider could only have gotten higher if she’d built on the roof.

My Grandmother didn’t like fall.  She saw it as a sign of death to come – dying plants, grass, leaves on the trees. I love fall.  I love the contrast between the bright blue sky and the orange, red and yellow leaves on the trees.  I love fall and winter food!

The granddaughters and I are making baked doughnuts and pimento cheese sammies for a church event this week.  Littlest one will be thrilled to have the doughnuts.  Many thanks to a dear friend who sent the pan and recipes. We’ll be adding pumpkin to simg_4522ome, then cinnamon/sugar dusting or chocolate ganache to the others.

Hmm…I’m excited too!  I’ve been going through my recipes and picking out some favs to cook this week.  If you like a hefty mac ‘n cheese, try this from Southern Living.  It’s a favorite at our house and has warming fall flavors to help knock off the chill of the weather.

Have some fun this week and share some of your fall favorites with me!



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