What is a Team?

You might think you aren’t part of a team, but au contraire, you are! It took quite a team to get this built at a scouting exhibition

IMG_4213Teams are found in all kinds of situations.  I find our Sunday School class to be a team.  We are a team of believers; supporting, teaching, learning from each other.  We make decisions to take action.  Doing that task puts us in the realm of being a team.  Someone takes the lead, others take one or more of multiple tasks, and we all work together to get the project accomplished.  There is no designated leader.  The leader changes from project to project, from lesson to lesson.  We all have respect for each other.  Sometimes that respect is very high, sometimes it’s not so much. Everyone has their gifts and talents.


My husband and I have become part of a caregiver team for a for a friend.  It’s a ‘just in case’ type team.  “Just in case” the spouse is no longer able to care for their partner who is seriously ill right now.  Hubby Bill just learned how to administer medications through a feeding tube this morning.  Another team member has skills in finances, another monitors medications, and on and on.  There are five of us and we all have different skills.  We are preparing for the worst while hoping and praying the worst never happens.  Right now our team is in a learning mode and we are at a high level of expectation and function.

Some teams have great dysfunction.  Several years ago I taught a class based on the book The Five Dysfunctions of a Team by Patrick Lencioni.  I highly recommend the book and the assessment tool.  What are the 5 Dysfunctions?

  1. Absence of trust.
  2. Fear of conflict.
  3. Lack of committment
  4. Avoidance of accountability
  5. Inattention to results.

These are critical issues to monitor.  I’m currently chair of a team where we have a high level of trust with each other and manage conflict very well.  Most of the team has a high level of commitment, but we aren’t so strong on accountability and measuring results, so I’m about to introduce goal setting and measurement of results.  I’ll be introducing the SMART method (Specific-Measurable-Attainable-Relevant-Time-bound) and asking them to set goals with measurable results for each of their part of the team.

Any suggestions for how to make this fun rather than intimidating?  Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated.  I’ll keep you posted on our progress.


2 thoughts on “What is a Team?

  1. If this is the team I think it is, I’d say some achieved goals will be visible, some will be audible, others make need a more report-based approach, a few may be emotional.

    In all cases a simple easy-to-follow worksheet with space to write for each team member is always good. You often provide these. Small breakdown groups may be needed to come up with goals. The fun aspect is harder to come up with. It’s not a competition, some completions will take longer than others.
    An email outlining the approach to each member before the meeting might help summer heat dull brain functions to wake up and plan ahead.
    You can do it!

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