Leadership Lessons in Politics

A recent post prompted me to find words I had previously written about leadership and decision-making.  If you want to read the post I read from another blog on why Trump might actually win”, here’s the link.  Beyond that I’ll share with you what I think a good leader should be able to do.

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In my own experience, GOOD LEADERS:

  1. Have knowledge of what they are leading.
  2. Create a broad vision of what they see for the future of their business or project.
  3. Have the ability to select appropriate people to help them.  The leader knows they can’t accomplish a great vision alone and include others in their decision-making process.
  4. Have great communication skills – both written and verbal.
  5. Have the ability to inspire others to follow them; what I call the Peter Pan principle.
  6. Have the grace to recognize others for a job well done, for their knowledge and skills.
  7. Are humble; they know they didn’t acquire their position by themselves.
  8. Are accountable; they will take responsibility for the results of an action even if the result is negative.
  9. Are decision-makers. Good leaders know where the buck stops – with them. At the end of the day or the end of a discussion they will make a decision.
  10. Show up; they are fully and completely ‘present’ in mind, body and spirit.

So, among the candidates currently on the radar,  who has all these traits?  And if they don’t have all the ten traits, do they have the ability to select people who have the traits the leader is lacking?   I haven’t found one yet.  Still looking, listening and comparing.  If I had to vote today?  None of them.

For me, I’m looking for a President  –

  • Who has a good working knowledge of how our government is set up and respects that institution.
  • Who understands the challenges our citizens face every day; jobs, healthcare, the pursuit of the American dream – and can help redefine what that American dream has become.
  • Has the ability to make a decision – is a definitive person, but can make decisions with all the risks and benefits of the decision in mind.  The mere thought of a leader who reacts without deliberation or one who cannot get past the deliberative phase scares me.
  • Has the ability to negotiate, for all of life is a negotiation, a choice, between this, that or the other.  No decisions are simple.

I’m grateful we have the time to learn about all our candidates.  I’d like to challenge the news media to report on ALL the candidates, not just the ones that make the most noise or create the biggest controversy.  Only then can we make a choice based on fact rather than the media ‘hype’.


One thought on “Leadership Lessons in Politics

  1. Yes, isn’t it a shame that loud and squeaky gets the attention. But I agree, no one yet, inspires me with strong leadership and a background appropriate to be the leader of the free world. The Ohio gov. has the background, but the media haven’t given us enough about him, and he’s too quiet. If someone wants to be President, they have to have the courage to stand up and be strong and firm and knowledgeable.

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