Thanksgiving 2015 with The Blue Platter

We’ve participated in the annual ‘feed trough’ once again and are heading fast forward to Christmas and all the parties that come with it.  Yes, I’m seriously watching what I eat right now, for it will take weeks of walking and limiting portions to work off what I ate in just a few short hours on Thanksgiving Day.

Most of our usual crew was present, sans younger son Michael and Pete’s sister.  We succeeded in reducing how much food was actually brought to share, but still found a great bounty.  The Prune Cake was my main offender – fabulous contribution from Cathy – rich with prunes and walnuts.  A meaty and (almost) healthy dessert.

I find it simpler to entertain for ‘just the folks’ but we still try to make it special.  After all, we aren’t going to hand wash the silver and the crystal every day!  Even so, we did serve with the silver, place the china and crystal on the table and hubby Bill did one of his special centerpieces.

Enjoy the photos – (oops, missing the appetizers and wine pics) and if you want recipes, just shoot me a comment or an email.

the whole plate - almost Virginia ham, brined turkey from Trader Joe’s, ‘company’ potatoes, dressing, corn pudding, squash puree, Mac ‘n cheese, cranberry sauce and broccoli casserole as the main course.




But oh my, the desserts were the crowning glory! from top to bottom: pecan pie, buttermilk pie, Ken’s Mom’s Prune Cake, pumpkin pie and the platter for the pumpkin gems.

On to the next events for December – baby shower for one of our adult ‘babes’ and the annual Cookies ‘n Carols.  See you soon!


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