Singin’ in the Rain response

As a child I loved to get out and walk in the rain.  Galoshes and umbrella in hand I’d walk down the street as happy as can be smelling the freshness of rain and splashing in the puddles.  Ah yes, inhale, I can smell that sweetness of fresh rain even though the sun is shining in my neighborhood today.  I love the smell of water, fresh water raining down or sea saltwater rushing at my feet.

Now that I’m ‘all grown up’ my rainy day pleasures have changed.  Yes, I still like to get out in ‘it’ but I can just feel the warmth of a cozy chair by a crackling fire.  A good book is in hand with a toasty cup of Chai Latte next to me.  And of course, a bowl full of good chocolates assist me in my journey down “the rabbit hole” as I read my book.

I got invited to join a book club several years ago which leads me to read many a book I would have never picked up.  Being in a book club is a good thing for me; it stretches my imagination and adds to my continual education.

But my all time favorite rainy day book is one that takes me on a trip to a land where I’ve never been.  Any good author or subject will do.  My favorites are murder mysteries.  Louise Penny, David Baldacci, Greg Isles, Patricia Cornwell….and the list goes on and on.  By the way, authors listed are in order of my thoughts, nothing more.  I know, you’ve got me.  I love a good bloody book (and movies), but I also love a good Pat Conroy that takes me “rollin’ in the deep” of dysfunctional families and fabulous descriptions of beautiful places.

I can think of other rainy day activities I love; like cooking some really delicious sweets.  Pound cake, pies (pecan, buttermilk, chocolate), cookies (oatmeal, tea cakes, chocolate).  Do you catch my drift?  I recently took a fun poll on Facebook telling my age based on favorite Halloween candy.  I’m busted – a 13-year-old chocoholic.  Well, not really,  I’m way beyond 13 years old, or maybe that’s the age in my head today?  A 13 year-old  happily splashing through the puddles and “Singin’ in the Rain.”pound cake

response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Singin’ in the Rain.”


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