The Blue Platter decorates for fall

Fall has arrived in East Tennessee.  The leaves are turning and drifting down from their lofty perches to the ground below.  The skies seem bluer to me.  Maybe it’s because of the color of the leaves, or it could be the cooler weather makes me look up more often when skies are sunny.  Halloween is upon us and before we know it Thanksgiving will be here.  My husband loves to change up the decorations at our house and is a master at ‘flower’ arrangements.

I hope you enjoy some of his past creations.  First are hedge apples purchased in Alexandria, Virginia.  Sadly, they didn’t last long enough to be repeated.64459_10151739612031883_1610027895_n IMG_2565

This glass bowl was given to us as a present and is very special with paper pumpkins and red berries.

But one of my favorites is a white glazed bowl we bought at Pottery Barn, then Bill filled with all kinds of dried grasses, pinecones, dried squash and other goodies.


I couldn’t resist this gift from a friend which matches my particular ‘skills’ for centerpieces.IMG_4610


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