I’m an opinionated gal and my goal is to share with you my observations and some new things I’m learning along the way.

Once upon a time I worked with a leader who felt those of us who had risen to the top layers of leadership came to our roles ‘fully formed’ and had no need to learn anything else. Wrong. I’m one of those continuous learners who loves the act of learning and feel I have more and more to learn every day. When will I stop learning? The day I ‘graduate’ to my heavenly home.

So what’s this blog about? The three things I have great passion for –

1-Leadership (and all the mishaps of various leaders I’ve worked with – including myself). I haven’t always been a leader. I started this life as a very shy little girl, which leads me to the title “Landing Out Front’ and how I came to be there.

2-Entertaining – I love love love to have people in my home – family and friends. So you’ll find information about how and why we entertain under the heading of “The Blue Platter”.

3-Grandchildren and adult children – Grandchildren are the awesome reward for not ‘eating my young’. I have the wonderful privilege of being mentally, physically and financially able to help care for my grandchildren while my son and his wife build a career and a business. In “The Gigi Chronicles” you’ll find posts about the great fun ‘my girls’ and I have and also the challenges of an aging adult caring for young children. Yes, it’s fun and yes, it’s a challenge! And somewhere along the way you may find a few words on raising children in general and my relationship with my children as adults.

If you are a leader, an emerging leader, a home entertainer, a parent or a grandparent – my overall goal is to share with you my past and current life experiences and just maybe what I have to say might help you along your own journey.

The title of the song “Life is a Highway” says a lot to me. We are all on a journey. The mantra of my adult life has been “There’s rhyme, reason and purpose to everything. Pay attention!” JT